A detailed printable PDF calendar for the current academic year is available on our homepage


Monday through Thursday North Idaho STEM Charter Academy Calendar:

Four day-a-week schedule
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Kindergarten AM 8:00-11:30
Kindergarten PM 12:30-4:00


Idaho Code 33-512(1) requires schools to meet a minimum of 900 instructional contact hours for grades 4-8 per year. North Idaho STEM will exceed required contact hours by a minimum of 58.5 hours, i.e. North Idaho STEM contact hours = 958.5 hours. Contact hours do not include lunch, recess, or passing periods which have already been deducted. Contact hours only represent actual instructional time.



Pros of a four day school week:


  • Every school week will consist of 4 school days. On thefour main holidays (Labor Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day) students will have a 3 day week

  • Consistent schedule. No ½ days or early release days.

  • Fridays are reserved for teacher professional development, training, collaboration, conference days

  • Longer school day to allow for project-based learning and science labs

  • Allows for families to schedule events on Fridays without students missing school (medical, dental, travel, hobbies, events, volunteering, community service, etc.)

  • Student and teacher attendance improves (ADA)

  • Most districts already have many four day weeks.

  • Students and teachers benefit from an increase in actual instruction/class time as a result of longer class periods and fewer transitions which increases the efficiency of instruction


Cons of a four day school week:


  • False perception of less school

  • Longer school day by 1.5 hours