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Academic Philosophy

Many of the jobs your children will be seeking have not been invented yet.  How will they compete for them? How will they create them?  Will they be ready?  Are we willing to do what is necessary to make that happen? 
We must instill in our children the reality that the competition for human talent between universities, between companies, and between nations is the next frontier of global excellence and economic prosperity.
North Idaho STEM Charter Academy will provide a rigorous and relevant approach to preparing our students for success through a project-based approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
School of Choice -Unlike ordinary public schools, the Academy is a school students and parents choose to attend. This choice involves an acceptance of the school mission,  goals, policies, procedures, and a commitment to support them.
Educational Program

Educational Program

The school's purpose is to increase students' interest in science, engineering, and math through technology, in order to better prepare students for higher education and jobs in our increasingly technical economy. It will also teach all normally expected coursework. This school will utilize a project-based approach.
Project-based learning incorporates all traditional teaching tools and methods, including lecture, text-books, and conventional assessments. However, the nature of project-based learning requires students to spend the bulk of the project actively working in groups or individually to research the question and come to conclusions. Project-based learning requires students to use specific skills such as collaboration, teamwork, time and task management, and presentation skills to conclude a project successfully. These same skills prepare them to become productive, capable citizens in a technology-dependent society through comprehensive student assessments including traditional tests, project-based learning presentations and portfolios.
Exploration is an opportunity to investigate a variety of approaches to a given topic. Approaching a subject or a topic from different points of view and in different ways is essential. At North Idaho STEM Charter Academy, our educational approach will require students to stretch their interests into previously unidentified areas.
Character Education

Character Education

North Idaho STEM Charter Academy believes strongly in a character education program that works in conjunction with the academic program. Quality character education is critical in order to create a safe, caring, and successful learning environment that supports academic development. Character education is everything you do that influences the character of the students you teach. Character education helps students act upon core ethical values.
Every adult in the school shapes the character of the students they come into contact with by the way they talk, the behaviors they model, and the expectations they transmit. Effective character education transforms the culture and life of the school.