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Intermediate 4th-8th Grade


4th-6th grades

Supply Lists for 4th-6th

Educational Links

The following websites are used by students in 4th - 6th grades at STEM Charter: keyboard practice at home 13 and older


Students in Grades 4-6 participate in FIRST Lego League each fall. To find more information about FIRST Lego Leage, visit this website.
Additionally, students will create a project for Invent Idaho. Examples of projects and more specifics about this project can be found at this website.
More information about 4th-6th grade projects will be coming soon!

4th-6th Instructors

Mrs. Frates - 4th grade
Mrs. Gill - 4th grade
Mr. Brown - 5th grade
Mrs. Scott - 5th grade
Mrs. Gardiner - 6th Grade
Mrs. Boots - 6th Grade
Mr. Hatrock - Fitness and Health
Mr. Clifton - Choir
Mrs. Arpke - Band
Ms. Mirich - Google Tools
For contact information, visit the Staff Directory.
FIRST Lego League student
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Course Information and Schedule

7th and 8th Grades
Course Information and Schedule

7th/8th Grade Information

  • To see specifics about each course, and supplies the student will need, go to the tab with the courses listed and click on the name of the class. A course syllabus will open in a new screen. 
  • All 7th and 8th graders should have a set of wired earbuds they can keep in their binder for use in class as needed. These are usually available at stores that carry school supplies for less than $3.
  • Seventh and 8th grade students are assigned lockers in the area surrounding the gym. Backpacks and book bags must be stored in the assigned locker. Students will have time to go to their lockers before school, during morning break, at lunch, and after school. See the "Sample Daily Schedule tab". 

6th Electives and 7th/8th Courses

Sample Daily Schedule 7th/8th

Typical Daily Schedule

7th/8th Instructors

Mrs. Arpke- Band 
Mr. Clifton - Choir
Mr. Eldenburg - 8th Science 
Mr. Hatrock - Fitness and Health
Mr. Johnson - Graphic Design 
Mr. Lin - Mathematics
Ms. Mirich - Language Arts, Google Tools, Creative Writing 
Mr. Moon - Computer Science/Projects 
Mrs. Schilke - 7th Science 
Mrs. Son - Social Studies, Study Skills, Career Exploration
Mrs. Stafford - IT/Computer Support
For contact information, see the course syllabus or the Staff Directory.

History Blitz Winners

Early Release
Students in grades 7-11 have the option for early release at 3:00 since 7th period is a Study Hall, provided they have transportation. The link to the permission form is below--this must be on file in the office prior to the start of early release. Early Release students not picked up or without transportation at 3:00 will be sent to 7th period Study Hall.